Japan Brand Coin


Thank you for your numerous support and trust.

Crowd sale of JBcoin tokens have ended.


J.Six Corporation was founded in Japan, 2011. Offices and base operations
are also located in Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan,

In the whole J.Group currently has 30,000 users in Japan and 100,000 users worldwide.

Visions & Sponsorship


1. By disseminating "MADE IN JAPAN" cosmetics and health-related products,
we make full use of our technology to the global community. A Bridge-of-Beauty 
between Japan and to the world.

2. To contribute to each country's economy by disseminating cosmetics and health-related products.

3. To support overseas expansion of female entrepreneurs, deepening
 the relations with countries and companies. Also, to revitalize SMEs, regional.

Sponsorship performed

As an official supporter and sponsor, we do activities for each of these 

Miss International
World Competition

Miss Korea

World Karate Organization


Number of domestic users


Number of foreign users


Number of base locations

The purpose of JBcoin crowd sale

1. We will use funds obtained by the crowd sale to enter 100 countries and acquire 
1 million users.

2. We will use the funds obtained by the crowd sale for new product development.

3. We will use the funds obtained by the crowd sale for advertisement expenses and 
sponsorship activity costs.

4, We will use the funds obtained by the crowd sale to build JBcoin's infrastructure.

5. We will use the Blockchain technology to reduce the remittance fee burden among J.Group users.

6, We use the Blockchain technology to shorten remittance time between J.Group users.

Why a crowd sale for JBcoin?

Today there are 100,000 J.Group users around the world, mainly in Asia.

Currently, users purchase J.Group's products and services by fiat currency from their own country. A large fee is incurred to exchange currencies 
and remittance takes a lot of time and effort.

However, by using JBcoin for purchases, it is possible to receive services from 
J.Group at any time, a fee that cost a few yen and a transactions completed in seconds.

In addition, there are many J.Group users who own shops and sell 
outstanding products.

For these J.Group users, we will develop a special application, whose 
tentative name is JBEC, equipped with a wallet function at our EC site for users 
who want to accept JBcoin for payment, to deploy shops and sell goods.

BlockchainNeo not only purchases goods and services, but also builds an infrastructure that makes it easy to bridge between JBcoin users and those who want to sell shops and products.

Road Map

We recognize that JBcoin users and JBcoin affiliated stores around the world will utilize the JBcoin platform to distribute products and services and revitalize local industries around the world.


1st Phase

Starting Presales

We will do presales only for J.Group users.
For presales, you can participate via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Japanese yen, Taiwanese dollar, Thai baht etc..


2nd Phase

Open to the public

We will release JBcoin to crypto-currency exchanges for those who will become J.Group users, starting from now, so that they can use JBcoin.


3rd Phase

EC site type HD Wallet App released

By using JBcoin, you will be able to purchase J.Group products and services easily.
We will also release JBcoin to those who want to deploy shops using it for payment.


4th Phase

Usage begins at JBcoin affiliated stores

Make payments on the spot with JBcoin at affiliated stores by using your 
JBcoin Wallet!
You will be able to shop by JBcoin.
Click here for details

Real-time trading and payment services available.

Quick and easy settlement at JBcoin partner stores.

The J.Group's FinTech business

Our group began studying Blockchain technology since 2015. The purpose was to make transactions and payments transparent, and to improve convenience.
Blockchain technology makes this possible. In order to further develop J.Group, we decided to establish a payment platform that enables real-time transactions and settlement services, and we established "Blockchain Neo Company Pte.Ltd. in singapore".

We strongly believe the extensibility and possibility of the world computing system, "Ethereum" and its set of technologies, as well as the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). We believe that using the technology of Ethereum among a number of Blockchains, credibility and trust will deepen, furthermore it will be possible to settle payment, remittance, management, purchase of goods and services with unprecedented convenience.

And JBcoin EC site type HD wallet developed by BlockchainNeo can be easily accessed by users, enabling immediate settlement within the EC site. In other words, both users and affiliated stores will greatly benefit from this.
This JBcoin EC site type HD Wallet realizes prompt and secure payment at affiliated real stores for selling products and providing services on Ethereum Blockchain.

JBcoin holders can receive product and service by JBcoin, and affiliated stores can benefit from JBcoin purchasers.

Furthermore, by using JBcoin for payment, immediate payments can be realized with cheap commission regardless of country.
As a result, JBcoin promises to promote consumption, purchases will rise, and we expect industries will be revitalized.
We will build connections to existing exchanges and in-house infrastructure in order to be able to exchange fiat currency at exchanges in those countries.

Today, crypto-currency exchanges are being built around the world. However, some countries like China prohibit exchanging crypto-currency and fiat currency.
Under such circumstances, however, transactions of crypto-currencies can no longer be stopped, such as the establishment of exchange platform for CtoC, from crypto-currency to fiat currency, newly started by exchange office OKEX represented in China.

On the latest crypto-currency exchange, decentralization is progressing, and exchanges are appearing which people trade fairly on Blockchain even at the time of currency deposit.
By decentralizing crypto-currency exchange, we anticipate a future where we will trade safely and almost free of charge.

With the development of FinTech revolution that is occurring all over the world, 
BlockchainNeo will promote distribution of goods and services by JBcoin users and JBcoin affiliated stores worldwide, and will revitalize the industry.

Blockchain Neo Company PTE. LTD.

Representative, Junji Sugawara

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